The J.P. Morgan ISA

At J.P. Morgan we want to help you achieve your investment goals. We aim to help you make your investment decisions and give you plenty of choice.

Wide choice of investments

A J.P. Morgan Stocks and Shares ISA lets you select from a wide range of investments that give you access to a world of investment opportunities. Choose from:

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Start investing from £50 a month

With the J.P. Morgan Stocks and Shares ISA you can start investing from £50 a month or with a £500 lump sum via your J.P. Morgan WealthManager+ account. You can increase (up to the annual ISA allowance) or reduce your payments at any time. You can also stop your payments and start again later.

Manage your ISA online

With J.P. Morgan you can manage your ISA online, 24/7. If you're already a J.P. Morgan customer, simply log in to your account to apply. If you're not a customer, just register for an account to get started.

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A heritage you can rely on

We have been helping people make the most of their money for over 150 years. When you invest with J.P. Morgan you can be sure that our investment experts will be around to help you for many years to come.

Is a Stocks and Shares ISA right for you?

If you're not sure that a Stocks and Shares ISA is the right investment for you, speak to a financial adviser.

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