J.P. Morgan WealthManager+ account charges

We aim to keep our charges competitive and easy to understand. Here we outline the charges you will pay in your J.P. Morgan WealthManager+ account.

Annual account charges

We will attempt to take the account charge (if applicable) from cash held within your J.P. Morgan WealthManager+ account on a monthly basis. If there is insufficient cash available an outstanding amount will remain as a negative cash balance.

On a half-yearly basis, normally in June and December, we may choose to sell any of the holdings in your account at our discretion to cover any negative cash balances at that time.

Further information on paying charges and topping up your cash account are available in the Key Features and Terms and Conditions.

J.P. Morgan Funds J.P. Morgan Investment trusts
Stocks and Shares ISA No charge 0.25%
Min £2 Maximum £10 / month
Investment Account No charge No charge
Stock and Shares Junior ISA No charge

When we calculate our annual account charges, multiple Investment Accounts benefit from a single product charge.

Transaction charges

If a transaction charge applies, it is taken directly from the lump sum or regular contribution reducing the amount available to invest.

J.P. Morgan funds
  • No charge to buy or sell.

J.P. Morgan investment trusts
  • £10 brokerage per buy or sell
  • No charge for buying J.P. Morgan investment trusts via a regular savings plan.

In addition to our charges, purchases of J.P. Morgan investment trusts are subject to UK Stamp Duty 0.5% of investment. The Panel of Takeover and Mergers (PTM) levy of £1 per purchase also applies for investments greater than £10,000.

Regular savings plans and dividend reinvestments

Regular savings plans and dividend reinvestments into J.P. Morgan funds or investment trusts are not subject to a brokerage charge.

Transferring Investments

We don't charge for transferring investments in from or out to another provider or platform. Note however that when you transfer your investments in cash the standard transaction charges apply.

Other charges

Fund management charges

Cash interest rates

Classic account charges