Investment goals

With over 30 J.P. Morgan OEIC funds and over 20 investment trusts to choose from you can create an investment strategy to pursue capital growth or a regular income. The key is to select the right balance of funds to help you achieve your individual investment objectives.

Capital growth

If you are looking to protect your money from inflation or to build up a nest egg, you will need to seek out funds that can help grow your savings over time.

Equity funds are traditionally used for capital growth as investing in the stock market has historically delivered strong long-term returns and protected savings from inflation.

When choosing a fund to deliver capital growth, you should ask the following questions:

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Some funds make regular payouts, which can help if you're looking to use your savings to supplement your income.

Traditionally, bond funds have been a popular way to generate a regular and attractive income from investments. However, equity funds and multi-asset funds can also help supplement your income needs.

An income approach may be right for you if you're in, or are approaching, retirement and want to use your savings to cover the cost of living. Investing for income could also be a good approach if you need to pay school fees or meet other regular expenses.

Investment income can also be reinvested and compounded over time to boost capital growth.

Factors to consider when selecting an income fund include:

Bond funds                        Equity funds                       Multi-asset funds

Growth and income

You may want to produce an attractive regular income while ensuring that your savings still benefit from the potential for long-term capital growth.

Growth and income strategies may appeal to many investors. For example, if you are in early retirement but still waiting to buy an annuity you may need to generate an income from your pension savings while protecting your capital from inflation.

Some funds are specifically designed to produce growth and income, while you can also construct a diversified portfolio of equity and bond funds to achieve a good balance between growth potential and income generation.

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