JPMorgan European Investment Trust invests in Continental European stockmarkets and offers two investment choices : Growth and Income. Growth shares seek to provide capital growth and a rising share price over the longer term and Income shares aim to provide a growing income with the potential for longer term capital growth.

Two investment choices

JPM European is NOT a split capital investment trust. Each share class has rights over a discrete investment portfolio with its own assets and neither of the share classes takes priority over the other.

Announcement of proposed change to semi-annual Conversion process

Please note that the references below to the Company’s semi-annual Conversion Dates should be read in conjunction with the previously released announcement which is provided immediately below in italics:

As announced on 27th November 2014 in the Chairman's statement of the Company's Half Year Report & Accounts for the six months ended 30th September 2014, the Board has concerns that moving to quarterly dividends on the Income Share Class within the existing twice yearly conversion could lead to a dilution of the revenue account and potentially result in a dividend cut. Accordingly, the Board will be seeking shareholder approval at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting on 21st July2015 to change the conversion process from the current bi-annual arrangement in March and September to once a year in March. Should this proposal be approved the next conversion opportunity after the current window (which is currently open and will become effective on 15th March 2015) will be in March 2016.

Date of above Announcement - 3rd February 2015

JPM European semi-annual Conversion Dates

JPMorgan European offers semi-annual Conversion Dates in March and September which allow you to convert between each share class without incurring a liability to capital gains tax.

Conversion instructions must be received on a business day in February in respect of 15 March conversion date or on a business day in August in respect of the 15 September conversion date.

How do I convert?

Through J.P. Morgan Asset Management

If you hold your shares through the J.P. Morgan Investment Account, ISA or SIPP, download the relevant conversion instruction form.

CREST instructions for CREST members will be available from this website on the relevant date prior to the conversion.