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Key attributes

  • A global equity portfolio with a significant UK equity exposure.
  • Invests in investment trusts and other pooled funds to provide a very high level of underlying investment diversification.
  • Principally invests in funds managed by J.P. Morgan, offering investors access to the breadth of J.P. Morgan's investment expertise.
  • Includes funds managed by external managers to benefit from a wide range of investment approaches.
  • Part of JPMorgan Elect - a unique investment trust structure with three investment options and a tax-free switching facility.

Key risks

Three investment choices with JPMorgan Elect Investment Trust

Share classes available through the JPMorgan Elect Managed Investment Trust are Cash, Growth and Income. You can convert from one to the other four times a year without incurring a liability to capital gains tax. These dates are in February, May, August and November, but instructions to convert have to be received before these dates.

More about conversion timings

Fund management

"Choosing good fund managers has to be the most important thing for me."

- Katy Thorneycroft, Fund Manager

Fund Manager

Fund Manager - Katy Thorneycroft
Katy Thorneycroft

Trust update [1:13]

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*Source: AIC as at 30 November 2014 in terms of AUM and number of investment companies