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JPMorgan Elect is an investment trust with a choice of investment options which you can shape to suit your needs. It's designed to give you the flexibility to manage your investment strategy through life. Using a choice of investment options, you can choose whether to focus on growing your capital or earning income – or combining both. You can control how much or how little you have in stockmarket-based investments. And you can switch between the three investment choices quarterly without incurring a liability to UK capital gains tax. Tax benefits depend on individual circumstances and may change in the future.

Three investment choices

JPMorgan Elect offers three investment choices:

Managed Growth
Managed Income
Managed Cash

JPMorgan Elect is NOT a split capital investment trust. Each share class has rights over a discrete investment portfolio with its own assets and none of the share classes takes priority over the others.

JPMorgan Elect quarterly Conversion Dates

JPMorgan Elect offers quarterly Conversion Dates which allow you to convert between each share class without incurring a liability to capital gains tax. Managed Cash shareholders may also elect to have their shares repurchased by the Company on the quarterly Conversion Dates.

How do I convert?

Security Participant ID Member ID
Managed Growth to Income 5RA17 RA201834
Managed Growth to Cash 5RA18 RA201835
Managed Income to Growth 5RA19 RA201836
Managed Income to Cash 5RA22 RA201837
Managed Cash to Growth 5RA24 RA201838
Managed Cash to Income 5RA29 RA201839
Managed Cash Ord. Redemption 5RA30 RA201840

Conversion instructions must be received no later than 14 calendar days before a chosen conversion date. If you hold your shares through the J.P. Morgan Investment Account or ISA conversion instructions must be received no later than 21 calendar days before a chosen conversion date using the relevant conversion instruction form.

If you hold your shares in certificated form, there is a Conversion Notice printed on the reverse of your share certificate.