Investment Trusts explained

Like J.P. Morgan Asset Management, investment trusts have been around for many years – over 150 in fact. And like us, they play an important role in investment planning for many people. Today, we have the largest investment trust range in the UK.

What is an Investment Trust?

Investment trusts are public listed companies that invest in the shares of other companies. They give you access to the research resources of a fund management company, and the expertise of experienced fund managers.

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Why J.P. Morgan Investment Trusts

We have the largest investment trust range in the UK, so there’s likely to be one that matches your needs. Every one is backed by our award-winning expertise.

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Fees and charges

Our investment trust charges are extremely competitive – whether you choose to invest through the J.P. Morgan Investment Account or hold your investment trust within our J.P. Morgan Individual Savings Account ISA or J.P. Morgan Self Invested Personal Pension SIPP,

J.P. Morgan investment trust fees and charges

Which type of investment is right for you?

See the main differences between investment trusts, OEIC funds and SICAV funds.

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Subscription shares

Subscription shares have similar characteristics to warrants, in that they offer shareholders the right to purchase shares at specified future dates or during predetermined conversion periods at predetermined prices.

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