Adviser research & reports

We are committed to providing education and development to help the adviser community enhance their investment knowledge and maximise profitability in the face of the challenges posed by today's fast moving markets. With this in mind, we have produced the below materials to support you and your business.

Adviser prosperity index

The Adviser prosperity index has been designed to give an indication of adviser business prosperity in a post RDR world. Discover how your own business prosperity compares to that of your peers.

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The ins and outs of investment trusts: A guide for investors

Investment trusts were introduced over a century ago to allow investors the chance to invest in a diverse portfolio of stocks and shares. Our guide aims to help your client's better understand the world of investment trusts, and why they should consider them in their portfolio.

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Income investing brochure: Helping your clients broaden their income horizons

Income is being squeezed on all sides as interest rates remain low and living costs rise faster than wages. This brochure looks beyond traditional sources and gives your clients key steps to help them find the right income solution.

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Winning Propositions: The consumer market post-RDR

Winning Propositions establishes the attributes an advisory business will need to demonstrate to prosper in a post-RDR world. For our report we interviewed over 2,000 UK investors who are seeking financial advice.

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Market volatility kit: Helping your clients survive market uncertainty

In periods of volatility, your clients may be tempted to postpone new investments, and even sell their current holdings with the aim of reinvesting when the stock market stabilises. Our updated report aims to give your clients the confidence to ride out the storm.

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Adviser Charging: putting a price on financial advice

As part of the upcoming Retail Distribution Review ('RDR') many investment advisers in the UK face a major change in how they operate. Our latest report offers firms a practical guide on making the successful transition from commission-based charging to fees.

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Investment trusts: the case for consideration

An intermediary's guide to investment trusts, their unique benefits and their role in client portfolios.

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The Retail Distribution Review: The challenge and the opportunity for wealth managers

Our latest report is an essential resource for wealth managers wishing to explore the impact and opportunities in a post-RDR world.

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Professional Connections: creating opportunities between IFAs and other advisory professionals

With research from over 200 solicitors and accountants as well as practical advice and case studies, our latest report has been developed as a resource for IFAs looking to explore the potential of establishing and building professional.

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Reaping Rewards: assessing, optimising and releasing the value of a financial advisory business

Ultimately, profitable, well structured businesses are valuable businesses. The attributes that buyers put a premium on are the things that will have enabled a business to perform well in the first place. This report looks at the drivers of value and how a business can maximum them, whether it may be over the short, medium or longer term to the benefit of everyone involved in that business.

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The Wealth Management Report : Meeting the expectations of UK high net worth clients

The current economic downturn will have a profound effect on the wealthy - more so than in previous recessions. In this report we look at the short term consequences of the global slowdown for high-net worth clients and overlay this with the longer term business trends effecting the market-place. Our report also taps into servicing the future wealthy and positioning your business to meet the expectations of your clients now.

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